My Services

This is a list of services that I offer. Have a look and I hope you can find something that you love. ?

My Offerings

Girlfriend Experience

I offer the option to spend longer periods of time with me as a girlfriend experience. Basically I’ll prioritize you with my time and treat you like my boyfriend. My general availability varies depending on the day (I study, work and volunteer!) but I am usually available between 8pm and 10am EST (8am-10pm Taiwan).

  • Get To Know Each Other ~USD $40 /two days

Feel like spending time together getting to know each other with a few photos throughout the day? (SFW) We can chat about whatever you feel like, and you’re welcome to ask me anything!


Physical Items

Want to own something of mine? All my panties come with a hand-written thank you note, discreet shipping and lots of cream.

Satin thongs, lace cheekies, cotton briefs… Take your pick! Take a peek in my panty drawer.


Custom Media Photos and Videos


1.) Custom Photos: tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll try and accommodate your desires.

  • Basic Photo Shoot ~USD $20/5 custom photos
  • Extra Photo Shoot ~USD $30/10 custom photos
  • Super Photo Shoot ~USD $50/20 custom photos

2.) Creamy’s Picks: I’ll pick something I think you’ll like and send it your way. (These photos aren’t available on any of my public channels.)

  • Starter Package ~USD $10/5 custom photos
  • Panty Paradise ~USD $15/10 custom photos
  • Creamy’s Favs ~USD $25/20 custom photos



1.) Custom Videos: tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll try to accommodate your desires.

  • Sweet and Sexy ~USD $5/min / Minimum order 5 minutes

2.) Custom Picks: I’ll pick something that I think you’ll like and send it your way.  These videos aren’t available on any of my public channels.

  • My Favorite Videos ~USD $15 / Minimum length 5 minutes

See all my media options here. I hope you find something you like.


If there is something else you’re interested in? Hit me up. I just want to make you happy ?


Most Important Rules:

  1. I don’t meet people
  2. I don’t show my face
  3. I won’t get totally naked

See terms and conditions for more info.


Please contact me through any of my channels if you’re interested in any of my services.  



Reddit: /u/creamytaiwan
Kik: @creamytaiwan
Discord: VKZhU9g

Social Media and Images

The Panty Drawer: Creamy Abby

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Tumblr: creamytaiwan

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Snapchat: creamytaiwan

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